Thursday, 5 July 2007

On and On

Goes the rain, tomorrow is Beccy's sports day and it's not looking good. Yesterday was the swimming gala finals and Bex was in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay - the very last race - no medals though but she did do very well on her leg. Today I have been playing around with Photoshop again and I've figured out how to cut a circle from a photo (took me a while though) and I've created some dot circles that I can re-use as I like. I only started this layout as a way of experimenting with my dot circles but I found myself wanting to complete it, so credits are: Papers from Cheerful Goodbye by Lena Brandenburg, Flower from Free Spirit by Jan Hosford, Flourishes and Sequins from Definitely Denim by Pattie Knox and the Dot Circles by Me. The text goes something like "If only I knew then what i know now", it goes on to explain that this photo was taken just hours before I slipped and broke my ankle and changed all my immediate plans in an instant. I'm not entirely convinced that I have actually finished it though, I may tart it up a little bit more. Ok, off for now, for some reason I keep thinking today is Friday!

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Sue Nicholson said...

Sarah's school had to split their Sport's Day over two days due to the dreadful rain. This didn't bother Sarah as she is not athletic and so volunteered to be "manager". That's my girl!!

No more visits to Sports Days now for me as both DD and DS schools don't invite parents :)

Great minds. A few days ago I was trying to draw a circle on a mask so I could look through to the layer below to see the photo. Think I over complicated it and didn't succeed. Must try again.

Good idea for a layout. As usual loving the stuff that you do. Not done much this week, (nerves are setting in I think!)