Sunday, 1 July 2007

Is this Summer?

It's July, and Summer almost seems a distant memory. Today hasn't been bad but it's not been the weather we expect for July either. Lots of work going on clearing out the garage (in prep for a garage conversion), watched the concert for Diana - quite a diverse list of artistes, and rustled up today's layout. I've used lots of different bits and pieces so the list of credits is quite long. We have: Papers from the Freedom papers pack by Janosch, Doodle and Note paper from Echos of Asia by Jessica Sprague, Flowers and Brads from A Touch of Bling but I can't see who by (happy for someone to tell me and I'll update), Date from Sunflowers 99 by Anja Maus and Felt border from Mira designs.

Girls are wide awake as I type and it's late with school tomorrow so I need to go read the riot act. More tomorrow.

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