Saturday, 30 June 2007

Just a quickie

Both in terms of update and a layout. Yesterday was pretty much the same as every other day is at the moment. Had a couple of chats with friends (Giselle & Mark), ended up having to phone my old boss (my bonus payment hadn't appeared) but other than that I just seemed to loll around. We did pop out for our evening meal but Pete was quite disappointed with his and, I had to agree, it was a rather meager portion. We've resurrected the idea of a holiday in New Zealand this afternoon. We'd asked the girls a few weeks ago how they felt about 3 weeks next February and would you believe they didn't want the extra time off school.!Now this isn't because they are so focussed on getting a good education, so why? To be fair to Emily she has come around to the idea but is put off by the fact that she won't have a 100% attendance record if we go and, as a consequence, won't get to go to Alton Towers with all her school friends. The school operates this as a thank you for good attendance, although parents still have to pay! As for Bex, well Bex just doesn't like change or flying so we'll have to work on that one. Pete and I have had a look at the brochures again though so we'll need to talk to the girls about it once more.

I've done a very, very quick layout utilising a template and just adding a couple of bits. Credits are: July Desktop Template - by Shabby Princess, Corner overlay and note paper from Echos of Asia by Jessica Sprague. These really are super quick to do and as I've added the key dates for this month this one now sits as the wallpaper for my laptop - no excuses for missing anything now.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Just a quick hi! Taking my friend to Christies for her check up today, (she is recovering from a bone marrow transplant), then I'll pop back and read you blog.

Hungover yesterday! That is very rare but decided to push the boat out on Saturday and did it in style!

Back later and will catch up then. No sun here hope you are getting some :)