Thursday, 28 June 2007

A new obsession

Ok, today has seen me playing around with something new, well new to me anyway. There's an American company on the net called Blurb, that lets you download software enabling you to build a book - in my case a book of Blog entries - You can find it here. I've had great fun playing around with it and, on the PC at least, it does look rather good. I am up to 32 pages thus far but haven't finished tidying them all yet. As I fancy the hardback version though I think I will allow it to grow to a decent size (number of pages) before I place an order. What's useful is that it will download your blog entries (one by one or all together) for you - although my photos failed to load but given that I have easy access to them on my laptop that wasn't a problem. Alas I cannot show you a preview as it just doesn't allow it.

I spoke with a good friend of mine earlier, she is having a bit of a time of it at the moment with folks ill and hubby needing his own bit of meccano to fix a cheek bone, of all places. She is one of the nicest people I know and I just wish I could drive now so that I could get over to her and help in some way. She's an hour away though so I've no chance for a while but we've said that when everyone is fit and well we are gonna have a night out, just the two of us.

My photo for today is an oldie. It takes us back to February 2002 when the girls would be 5 & 6. This was the 2nd year we'd taken them skiing in Scotland and they are posed on Snowboard for Beccy and Snowblades for Emily. Not long after the photo was taken though they reverted to the more traditional skis. I'll sign off for now - going to try and stay away from the laptop for a while!

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Sue Nicholson said...

Fab idea and quite reasonably priced too. As you know have included it on my blog......commission would be good
would be tempted in a UK based business doing same !!! What do you think :)