Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Repeat after me ..

I am a download junkie..... I just can't help myself, I start by saying "I'll just have a very quick look at what Ikea Goddess has listed, I won't go for everything" and then as I follow the links I find more and more - it's never ending! So, after another download session this morning, and another tidy up - although I do have some form of system now - I managed to complete a layout. This is my digital version of the paper layout 'DJ Judas Is In The House' that I never manged to make permanent in real life. It was made easier to copy by the fact that the patterned paper and the vinyls were all electronic and printed at home anyway. So the Credits are: Patterned Paper - DJ Judas, Vinyls - Produced and downloaded from Vinyl Record Generator, Glitzy Chip Alphas - Pattie Knox, Arrow and Tab - Grass Dirt set by Kari Q, and last but not least Clock Hands - Katie Pertiet.

Hope you like. So, what shall I do now ........ !!

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Sue Nicholson said...

I am about to go to Ikea Goddess !! Have made a cup of tea!

Really love the layout. I was waiting to see the complete lo after the snippet that you showed earlier. Everything is so original and I love the clock hands on the record.

Vinyl record generatior? Off to google this!