Monday, 18 June 2007

Where has the time gone?

Don't know where the time has gone today, I've not done quite a few things I intended to. Apart from phone calls I should have made I've not done a layout today either. I have managed to take a few photos this evening that will do for this week's module. I am envious at the moment when I see shots taken at locations that 'add' to the overall effect. For me 'shooting on location' just means hobbling out to the garden and balancing precariously on one crutch whilst I take the photo with the other hand - it'll end in tears, I know it will!

Emily played model for me but she doesn't like taking it seriously and prefers to goof around so most of the shots I take have funny faces in them - this was one of the exceptions. A tighter crop has been suggested but I'd already tried that and discounted it, I think I like squares. The course is already on module 6 out of 10 and I don't feel that I've been able to concentrate on any of them, firstly because of work and latterly because of the lack of mobility. There will be a technical course later in the year which I'll definitely do, but in the meantime I think I might run through each module again myself once I can get around.

We popped out for lunch today which made a nice change, although the pub was actually waiting to close as we left - we weren't that late. Monday evenings are always frantic as Bex trains at the National Sports Centre on a Monday night which is a good 30 minutes drive along the motorway. Usually it's me doing the mad dash but of course at the moment Pete is having to do all of this - thank goodness he's up for it because she has another 3 training sessions per week, although they are a lot closer.

I came across a URL for a barcode generator in an old scrapbook magazine earlier today - thought I'd post it here in case there are folk like me that might find it useful

Hope that works for you.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Ah! Time! You think because you are at home you will have loads ..... not true I am afraid!

I like the photo uncropped. Emily is very attractive and photogenic. And such beautiful skin that my DD would love.

Barcode Generator .... must try it out .... right up my street.

Thanks for keeping in touch.