Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Another one of those days.

I am completely lacking in any form of motivation today, still I am 3 weeks in so that must mean I only have 3 weeks left - of being in plaster that is, surely it can only improve from then on in. I'm spending far too much time on this laptop - it has been a godsend really but I need to move away from it also. Trouble is, move away and do what exactly? I can manage to do some things, like sort through washing etc but I have to leave them in neat little piles for Pete to actually put away.

I’ve taken to perusing eBay, I even purchased some Monsoon jeans from there over the weekend, I have to say though that I am extremely pleased with them (they arrived this morning) not sure that all such purchases would have happy endings – I really prefer to try on first. I’ve ordered our new garden swing seat yesterday too. The old one was wooden and has seen better days plus I don’t fit on it quite right at the moment with the need to put my leg up – not long enough as it really is a 2 seater. So I’ve ordered a nice new 3 seater by Leisuregrow, looking forward to chilling on that. What about the weather lately then? The girls are doing Race for Life tomorrow evening with my Sister (Sue) and Mom. Sue was telling me earlier that tonight’s local paper is predicting flooding for early tomorrow evening – The race starts at 19:30, I think they may be getting wet. I get to go see Emily’s teachers whilst they are racing around West Park. Should be interesting, it’s been set up for the teachers to come to me rather then me have to go up and down stairs repeatedly, hmm I can’t imagine this will go smoothly.

Today’s layout is a little busier than some I’ve been doing, I decided to follow a Pencil Lines sketch and deliberately use patterned papers. I am actually quite pleased with how it has turned out. Credits are: Strawberry Lemonade from Jessica Sprague, Stapled Ribbons from Sprinkles, Shabby Princess and all based on Pencil Lines Sketch no. 35. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS! Awesome work - I love the photo with this color scheme. Great job!

Sue Nicholson said...

Just think 3 weeks! You are wishing it would hurry and I am trying to make it go slowly! Wonder if Pete has any tips for Ian?! Ha!!

Love Ebay for crafting goodies.

And do tell your sister......she has a great name!