Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A hectic Evening

Phew, it's been a hectic end to the day. I've got a fair bit done today, sorted through some clothes etc in the bedroom, moved some things around so that it's easier for me to get at and use things like the hair dryer and my ghd's.

ghd's - Now there's something that I just cannot do without -my straighteners. Even now I can still remember the euphoria that greeted my purchase of this most excellent piece of electrical equipment. Because my hair is quite short (and with a very strong natural wave), when straighteners first came out they just wouldn't touch my hair - too bulky. Then one day, the fairy godmother at ghd made straighteners for short hair a reality. My hairdresser couldn't wait to get me in the chair to test the new arrivals - it was like an epiphany, I too could have straight hair. As soon as I arrived home from that appointment I surfed the net and purchased my very own ghd's (well known as the creme de la creme). They cost me a fortune, at the time, but have been worth every single penny and are still going strong. The day they arrived I rushed home from work, plugged them in and voila, I straightened my own hair - too quickly, now what? I called a friend who lives down south to tell her all about this humongous event and enthused for ages (I think to this day she still can't quite believe I did that) but still, I wanted to play more - now what could I straighten. Anthony was the answer, bless him, he sat there ever so patiently and let me play with his hair (which for a good many years has been longer than mine). I did eventually have to buy Anthony a pair of his own as he too became addicted and kept using mine all the time - I think he's on his 2nd or 3rd pair now, didn't invest in ghd's you see, false economy cheaper varieties.

Back to today. No layout - spent too much time sourcing digital bits and pieces - actually purchased today though. Went with Pete to drop the girls off at Race for Life, which I am pleased to say they thoroughly enjoyed and my 71 year old Mum did it in less than the hour (59 mins to be precise) Well Done Mom. We were then a little early for my first appointment at Emily's school (she's year 7 so this is the first at this school) so we popped to Sainsbury's for a loaf and a quick cuppa. I wish we hadn't though. I fell, just outside the cafe area, my right crutch caught on the floor somehow and tripped me up. Of course ones instant reaction is to steady ones self and I did, with the leg that I'm not meant to stand on - I stood on it. It was for a second or two only and then I went over. I don't think I've done any damage but my ankle feels 'different' so I may have to call the fracture clinic in the morning and arrange to go in after the funeral I am attending.

None stop eh!

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