Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What a gorgeous day.

I am just beginning to think that there may be some advantages to being as immobile as I am currently after all. Today is an absolutely gorgeous day and as I type I am sat outside on my swing seat (safely anchored ;-) enjoying the sunshine. There's a gentle breeze blowing that keeps me comfortable and Pete regularly pokes his head out to check what drink I would like next (non alcoholic still though, roll on the end of the pills and I can just picture the jug of Pimms and Ginger Beer - yummy) The birds are singing and there's the gentle hum of lawns being mown in the distance. That said I do wonder what will happen the first time a wasp comes too near and my urge to flee becomes unbearable. Likewise I keep telling myself that the itching I can feel deep down inside my cast is only because my leg is feeling the warmth from the sun and is not a stray ant that has gotten himself trapped after adventuring a little too far off the beaten track. I need to add suncream to the shopping list if this is to become a habit, oh and fake tan to match up my legs once I get rid of the cast of course! Because I literally cannot do anything else I am finding that I can just sit still - wow - will it last?

I am looking forward to my first big adventure tomorrow - off to the hairdressers, I guess it could either be traumatic or really relaxing, we shall see. Either way it will be good to have a change of scenary for a little while. Take care out there!

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