Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A good day

All in all it's been a fairly good day I think. Yesterday I couldn't get a synchronized view of my email, I wanted to be able to use either my home PC or my laptop and access all of my email, contacts and calendar from either - Today I sorted it with an application downloaded from a technical site in the USA. I also managed to get plenty of excercise as I needed to load it on both machines and as one was upstairs and one down I had plenty of 'oportunity' to practise my stairs technique with my crutches. So now I have full access without needing to sit awkwardly at my desk - now I just need to find a way to 'scrap' comfortably then I'll be happy. I can access all of my photos from my laptop now and send prints via wireless so I just need to be able to surround myself with all my wonderful stash.

The alternative is to do more digital layouts, the attached photo is one of two digital layouts I have done to date. Hee hee, even my son is quite impressed by the fact that I've purchased and set-up my laptop completely without his help.

Pete collected a wheelchair for me lunchtime - I've not tried it yet but I was desperate to not miss my hair appointment on Thursday so needed something easier than the crutches at this stage - It will be so good to get a change of scenery. Laters


Ant said...

Wheelchair! It's decided..........I'm home this weekend ;)

WendyB said...

Ah, my boy is coming home to see me ;-) The wheelchair is only to make things easier - not a problem, dunna worry.

WendyB said...

Hmm, he reliably informs me that it's not coz he's worried, it's coz he wants to 'play' on the wheelchair. Some things never change !