Monday, 4 June 2007

Been a while ........

Wow, it's been a little longer than expected since my last entry and boy has a lot happened. Most notably I slipped on rocks on Bank Holiday Monday during a visit to a little cove in Cornwall, broke my ankle (quite badly) and ended up having surgery on it the following day. I now have bits of metal in my leg, a heavy plaster cast, and at least 5 more weeks of not being able to put any weight onto my left foot at all. So much for my 'New Phase' eh, really got that off to a flying start! The attached photo shows the location of my fall, although not the actual rocks themselves. Lamorna Cove, just south of Penzance - lovely place. Not sure how keen I am now to return to it though. Apparently I had broken both bones and my ankle was also angulated and dislocated. The words used by one nurse to describe what I had done are not printable I'm afraid.

They were wonderful at the hospital in Penzance, told me what was happening throughout, provided me with copious amounts of Entanox whilst they manipulated my ankle back into position and made me feel as well as they could. I had to be transferred to the main hosiptal in Truro for surgery and although all the staff here were wonderful too, it is a much larger hospital so you feel a little more lost in it. I've not had surgery before and I have to admit to being scared of the anesthetic, but the man himself came to see me beforehand and explained everything, told me he would look after me and he did. I was sooooooooo sleepy afterwards though I couldn't keep my eyes open even to talk to the girls. The girls were very good throughout and kept it together even when my foot was hanging off the bottom of my leg at a very, very odd angle.

Not much of a holiday for them though, Pete did take them out to a few places but there was always one eye on the clock to get back to me. Talking of holidays, it's also meant we've had to cancel our walking holiday in the Dolomites - we were due to go the 15th June! Thankfully we were fully insured. The consultant thinks I should be ok for our main holiday in August with the girls, but he did warn me that it will be a full 9 months before I am fully recovered. So, we're back home now, Broadband wasn't working when we arrived but is now fixed, and this was supposed to be the week I started at the gym in earnest - oh dear!

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David said...

Hi there,sorry to hear that also stuck in a cast with a plate and 3 screws after I fell and stuck in a fiberglass cast,thats what we have in the U.S.Anyway feel free to vent,,David.