Thursday, 7 June 2007

Today's Big Adventure ...........

........... to the hairdressers went well. Jo, my hairdresser, was brilliant as usual and made sure I was comfortable throughout. Bad hair days are the pits at the best of times but at the moment having my hair neat and tidy makes a massive difference to how I am feeling. Not sure I liked the wheelchair though, it worked well enough but I felt odd in it - I almost felt like a fraud, but there's no way at the moment that I could have made it into the hairdressers on my crutches. It made a very pleasant change from being sat in the house all day. I am even looking forward to getting to the supermarket - now that's a worry - if I can get over my wheelchair hang up that is.

My photography course isn't going as well as I would like at the moment. I'd signed up for the 10 week course knowing that after the first couple of modules I'd have finished work and would have plenty of time to really get into my photography, then I broke my ankle. This week's module was entitled 'turn and tilt' - but trying to 'tilt' to take shots whilst relying on two unfamiliar sticks to balance me just didn't seem like a good idea. I just don't seem to be able to conjure up inspirational shots when restricted to my lounge or garden and with the girls away for the week, well as you can tell from the attached photo - I was desperate.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment.

Let's keep in touch as we try to fathom this blogging out! What do you think?

I am so like you with my hair. I am worried to bits about it after I have had the op. It may look "messy" but it takes ages to get a symetrical but messy" hairstyle! Ah well, focussing on this is better than focussing on the possible/definte pain.

Am going to try to blog today so will catch up with you and read your blog properly tomorrow.

And by the way I can't spell and there's no spellchecker in the comments so please be kind!!