Monday, 11 June 2007

Tiring Day

Today I am absolutely shattered. We needed an early start because the girls needed to be up and ready for school slightly earlier than usual - Emily needed to collect a couple of ingredients for her 'Pineapple upside down cake' from her Nan's, plus I also had my first appointment at the fracture clinic at 09:30 - Boy did I struggle to get myself out of bed, I'm not sure whether I was just tired or what but I felt light headed before we got as far as the hospital! Anyway, once the girls were safely delivered to school (and once I've found Pete's missing PowerPoint file that he needed to email urgently), we set off to the hospital. We were early, but then we needed to be as we had no idea where we were going. Once in the waiting area I really started to feel off, it was just so warm in there, thankfully we were seen on time and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I emerged with a new fibre cast. The wound was pronounced very neat and all looking well but I am disappointed that I've been told I MUST keep my ankle elevated (higher than my heart) pretty much at all times - obviously apart from when I walk (or hop).

For a short period of time in there my poor broken ankle was without cast at all and I felt really exposed, I guess it will feel like that for a while when they take it off completely in 4 weeks time. Until then though it has to be kept elevated and I am still not allowed to put any weight onto it at all. At the minute I am uncomfortable, in fact more uncomfortable than I've been since the day I actually broke it. I'm sure though that's it's just because it's been traumatised with today's actions and will settle down again overnight. I seem to be developing a 'twitch' in my leg though, you know the sort - just as you are dropping off to sleep - but at the moment as it makes me jump I really hurt my leg. Oh well, I'm sure that's the worst over now and it can only get better.

For today's shot I am posting a lovely picture of all three of my kids, Ant's home you see so I can't leave him out. It isn't a new one, if fact it's more than 12 months old, but for me it's typical of them.


Sue Nicholson said...

Right now I am signed in!

Yes, I left you a comment but then lost it as I wasn't signed in and then when I was came back it had gone, (who designed this system!).

Your children are lovely, hope Ant doesn't mind being called that. What I am trying to say is that they look like really nice children. Maybe they would prefer Kwl Kids :)

So sorry to hear that you had a bad day. I do hope your ankle improves soon. Just think it's about 5 weeks until secondary school breaks up for the Summer. What good timing ! Ha !

Higher than your heart! Blimey the hospital must think that you can lie on your back all day watching day time tv.......mmmmm now that doesn't sound too bad actually :)

Speak again soon :)

David said...

Hi there how are you feeling?I am stuck in a cast as well very klutzy story,anyway how is the swelling?Feel free to email me,,David.