Wednesday, 13 June 2007

To scrap or not to scrap .....

.... That's my dilemma. I realised something this morning, I have not completed a layout (lo) since the 27th April! I only noticed how long it had been as I needed to remove a couple of thumbnails from my gallery because they are due to be published in the imminent issue of 'The Scrapbook Magazine'. Hmm, that's actually quite exciting, not been published before. It's quite ironic really, the lo about to be published is all about my scrapping area/office and the fact that it serves these two purposes. So very much has changed since I completed it: I have since taken my career break (or do I mean v.early retirement?) and I can't get anywhere near my stash now because of my ankle. My office is small but perfectly formed with everything to hand, it's just not big enough for me to sit at my desk AND keep my leg elevated. I had started work on one lo - DJ Judas Is in the House - but hadn't gotten around to actually putting it all together before my accident. The attached photo is a sneak preview of one key element to the page.

DJ Judas is my Son, the patterned paper on the lo is actually one of his designs, I downloaded it from his website and printed it onto acid free paper, he does have a couple more that can be found
here, but I suspect they won't have mass appeal. I, of course, am biased. I keep meaning to set myself up to finish the page but I know that once I've done it I'll want to start on a new page - especially now that I have so many new photos that I want to scrap - but I just don't know how I can arrange it. I like to have all my stash to hand you see, the first stage of any lo for me is all about throwing together lots of different papers and colours to help me decide which set complements my photo(s) best. Hmm, I must find a way though. So I'll set myself a challenge for today:
  • Find a way to complete the DJ Judas page, and
  • Plan of attack for next lo.
I'd best get on with it then, Lots to do and all that, I'll report back later.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Firstly, like the photo, facing away from the camera, why didn't I think of that!

Secondly, thanks for putting my blog link on your page :)

Visited your son's site. Great graphics. I particulary liked the last one, (didn't note the name), all twisted purples on a black background. Must note to show this to DD & DS who like to play around with PhotoShop & Flash.

I have found that blogging has helped me finish things!! Yes, I have the classic case of "it's nearly finished" syndrome! This is also evident around my house!

......... CONGRATULATIONS ........

Fabulous, just wait until you see your name in print it's an amazing feeling. Must write down to buy this mag.

Lovely preview photo. Hope your challenges went well :)