Thursday, 14 June 2007

I failed miserably .....

..... to complete my DJ Judas layout yesterday, I did collect everything together and set myself up to try but it just didn't work on my lap - and as for punching holes for eyelets, well, the thought alone bought tears to my eyes. Today, however, I have loaded my software onto my laptop and produced this digital lo. I am really quite pleased with this as I am still very much a novice with Photoshop - I must remember to add the credits at the bottom of this post though. I've kept it simple but it still took me ages to complete it, I had forgotten all the controls I needed to use and had to learn all over again. I love this photo of the girls, it was taken when we were in Cornwall recently, the girls and Pete had spent a few hours on the beach at Perranporth whilst I watched from the car with my leg propped up over the car seats. and a good book to read (hmm books, must come back to that). When they returned we had a quick lunch from the local chippy sat overlooking the beach and I took this shot just before we left for the cottage to pack up and head home.

Books, on occasions I can do quite a lot of reading, I'll start a list of my favourites books I think on this blog - I can never remember which books I've read and which I haven't. One of my most favourites in recent years is 'Time Travelers Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger, I thoroughly recommend this one but be warned it may have you sobbing.

Moving on then, the weather has taken a turn for the worse so for the 2nd day running I have been stuck inside all day. As well as the digital lo I have whiled away the hours doing a bit of surfing, providing feedback to my co photographers on our online course and a little bit of internet shopping. I have closed Photoshop down but even now I can feel the pull - I've just soooooooo many new photos to scrap.

Oops, nearly forgot the credits:
Sister Word Art by Tina Chambers, Frame by Shabby Princess, Flower by Samara Gugler, Overlay by Janosch, Eyelets by Scrap Girls

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