Saturday, 16 June 2007

A slightly more productive day .......

...... today, I have painted my toenails bright pink - my left leg was a bit of a stretch but I managed it, I've sourced and downloaded a number of digital freebies - some absolutely delicious, I've treated myself to some macro filters for my camera - via ebay, and I've completed a couple of layouts from Shabby Princess templates that I downloaded. The first page uses a photo I scrapped just the other day but I thought these templates might make a co-ordinated set for a 8x8 book for each of the girls and so the photo of the two of them seemed a good opener. These are both really, really simple and I had added next to nothing to the templates so the credits are: Templates by 'Shabby Princess', Date circles by 'Designing on the Edge'.

I feel more up for it today and have decided that it is just not possible to keep my leg in the ridiculous high position I'm supposed to and so I have compromised - it's lower and I can now sit much more comfortably, I may even try eating Sunday lunch at the table tomorrow!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some better weather tomorrow, I need to take some photos of the girls in natural light for this weeks photography module and I'd quite like to take some shots against a bare brick wall I have in the garden - if I can hobble that far that is.

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Lizzyann said...

Love these lo's they are so colourful.