Friday, 6 July 2012

Instagram 365 (tennis spoiler at the bottom)

Somehow it had passed me by for a little while but no longer, I have discovered Instagram – yay.  I thought I might try it out by focussing upon a 365 theme with the hope that I can turn it into a piece of art for the wall next year.  I’ve started on the 30th June, odd you may think, but that's when I downloaded Instagram and, because of the topic on that June day, I didn’t want to leave it out.  Now I love capturing the day to day in photographic form but sometimes I need more than just photos to encompass my day so I thought I’d share here on my blog too where I can add words to my hearts content. Perhaps, just perhaps its a Blurb book in the making as well as wall art.

Day 1 copy

The Olympic flame was due to pass by not far from home and given that this was as close as we were ever likely to get to it, we decided to pop along and have a look.  I was expecting an anti climax but it turned out to be quite a pleasant little outing. I understand that The Wanted were in one of the coaches that passed us by but if they were I didn’t spot them. Its great to have the photo above, we don't have many of all the girlies (with the exception of one cousin) but this entry wouldn’t be complete without the flame itself would it.

Day 1 extra

I don’t know the name of the lady that carried it at this point but I’m sure she won’t mind being included here given the number of photos that were probably taken of her.


Day 2 copy

The weather this summer has been atrocious apart from a few days back in May. None the less Maisy still gets to be taken for walkies by Tattyhead and The Footballer (Tattyheads boyfriend). Can you spot T’hubbys new (old) car in the background.


Day 3

Sometimes you just forget to take a photo until its bedtime lol. Given a little twist by using the Paper Camera app. I wonder how many more of my bedroom will feature?


Day 4

Lunch with an old friend Tracey who flatly refused to have her photo taken. The teapot doesn’t tell the full story of course, we’d chatted, eaten, chatted some more, partaken of a little alcohol and were onto the tea and coffee when this was taken.


Day 5

Quarter finals day at Wimbledon. Andy Murray, fantastic match. Murray played very well indeed and went on to win against David Ferrer, who gave a fabulous account of himself too. I love the selective blurring of this app.


Day 6

A busy day at home, early evening awards ceremony where Grumpy received a much deserved excellence award. A quick curry and then a dash to The Hovel, arriving after 11pm. Electric blanket on (and its July!!) car unloaded, hot drink made and off to bed with it.


Day 7

Semi finals day at Wimbledon. We have no TV at The Hovel and so the radio is stood in the window in order to get the best signal possible. Federer went through in fine form against Djokovik to make his record 8th final appearance, and then onto Murray versus Jo Wilfred Tsonga. Gosh he (Murray) was like a steam train and took the first two sets very quickly indeed. Tsonga suddenly starting playing like only he can in the third set – game on and the third set to Tsonga. In the background another Brit Johnny Marray is through to the Mens Doubles final with partner Nielson. Gosh, if Murray makes it he’ll be the first Brit into the Mens Singles final for 74 years! Fourth set and Murray breaks Tsongas serve in the 4th game. Tsonga desperately tries to break back immediately – and he does it. Tsongas serve and they’re all level again.

4 games to 3 Murray,Tsonga to serve   ... ... ...   0:15  ...  0:30   ...  15:30   ...  15:40  ...   2 break points for Murray ... 30:40 ... Deuce  ...  Advantage Tsonga  ...  Game Tsonga.

4 games all and Murrays serve – he loses the first point, takes the second and loses the third ... ...  15:40. First break point saved, second break point saved. Advantage Murray  ...  Game Murray.

5 games to 4 Murray, Tsonga to serve  ...  ...  ...  15:0  ...  30:0  ...  40:0  ...  40:15  ...  Tsonga wins

5 games all Murray to serve  ...  ...  ...  15:0  ...  15:15 after a double fault Murray  ...  15:30  ...  30 all  ...   40:30  ...  Game Murray

6 games to 5 for Murray, Tsonga to serve  ...  ...  ...  0:15  ...  0:30  ...  15:30  ...  15:40  ...  2 match points for Murray  ...  Hawk eye is needed but its in

Murray wins, he's through to the final

Phew, I need to go lie down now, I’m not even a tennis fan lol

Wendy xx


Alison said...

Love your pics...and the effects you've used on them...and YAY! for Andy!!
Alison xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Your photos with that instagram app are fab! I started reading this post friday evening, but had to stop when you mentioned the Murray match because I had to tape it and watch it late! Even mark knew who won before I did, and he was at work doing overtime!! Looking forward to the final today!

Louise said...

ooh your IG photos look good! I found IG recently too and try to take a photo every day...