Thursday, 17 May 2012

And we’re off

Hmm, well we’re possibly off. Long time no blog – no excuses, just life. I’m back because I do get the urge to capture ‘stuff’ and just writing into a journal doesn’t feel quite enough, I like to add photos at the very least. Although that said I did try out another method recently whilst we were away for a long weekend. I bought myself a Pogo on eBay and took it off on our little trip with me. It worked really well, apart from the fact it ran out of battery and I didn't have the charger with me, but lesson learnt there. Each evening I wrote up the day in my holiday journal and added my choice of photo printed straight from my phone. Fab, bit of a grungy/instamatic type thing going on but that suits me just fine.

Been at The Hovel a lot lately, gradually starting to get things updated and the way we want them. We’ve just had it completely re-wired and with that comes the inevitable patching up afterwards. We needed to hide the new consumer unit and the cupboard that had been there previously just wasn’t up to the job. We found a man fairly local to build us one to match the floor standing units we inherited. I chose a range of paints, china blue, to use for the kitchen/downstairs from the Little Greene paint and wallpaper company.  These have some lovely colours and fabulous wallpaper too, I’ll have to share some wall art made with samples from them at some point.

China Blues

Using the lightest colour I managed to get it finished last weekend. I’d decided to do something a little different on the inside and so when I’d visited B&Q recently I raided their bargain paint shelf. I bought three pots that folk had had mixed as testers then not liked, all for 50p each – I think they’re 200 or 250ml each so there’s plenty there too.

Cupboard          Cupboard 2

The first has been used on the inside of our new wall cupboard and as we paint the old units I’ll use the others on the interior of those. I like the fact that all is serene and grown up on the outside and then as you open the cupboard there’s this loud injection of colour. At the very least it will detract from any untidy jumble one finds inside lol.  Last, but not least, I added a couple of pretty little knobs I had in my collection for the finishing touch. Voila, all done.

I think that’ll be all for now, lets see if I can visit again and report on the update to our stairs shall we – now who won’t be holding their breath lol. Just before I go though I’ll think I’ll share the tune that is currently blasting out as I type.

I hope it doesn’t play unless you want it to–Enjoy xx

Thanks to anyone that does drop by and please feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like.

Wendy xx


Alison said...

What a lovely surprise to 'see' you again! have been in my mind recently, with this year's MAE happening this week- I had even gone and hunted out your email address, but just hadn't got around to doing anything with it! Glad to hear 'the Hovel' is coming along..your paint choices are great!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

Hello again :0)
We were talking about the Pogo at the weekend - I need to dust mine off and use it more. You have inspired me.

Gem's Crafts said...

It's fab to see you back! And it sounds like you've been quite busy with The Hovel!