Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mail Art Exchange

Yay my package arrived safely at its destination in Spain on Tuesday, which is actually the estimate the post office gave me when I sent it off on its merry little way. The recipient was Alison over at 'Life in the slow lane' and she seems to like it.

I’d decided to use a google map of the area Alison lives in Spain as with her address this was easy but I also wanted to use a page from an old road atlas I had stashed away for crafting purposes. This took a bit of detective work but I did track down a location prior to Spain and used that page as the basis for the front of the package.

Good mail day 1

Picture taken prior to posting so stamps were added but phew, they didn’t cover up anything critical.

The mail exchange was arranged by Ginger at ‘Gingers life of spice’ and the theme was ‘earth’. I decided to try and use as much recycled stuff as possible for my take on ‘earth’ and so the package itself was an old one, the map page on the front was old and the patterned papers I used were from my scrap box etc etc. I did have to use ink to print the google map on the back (which you can’t see here because I lost those photos when my phone took its dive) but I printed it onto paper from the scrap pile. Finally, the smiley earth was taken from the earth day campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed myself once I got going so thanks once again Ginger for arranging it all and roll on the next one.

What Alison very kindly didn’t tell folks in her post was that I had written a little note to pop in the package and of course, said little note was still sat on my desk AFTER the package had been securely taped. So Alison received a rather boring little white envelope too lol

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx


Jimjams said...

Brilliant packaging - I wish we could see the faces of the various post(wo)men that have handled it!

Sian said...

I've just been admiring this on Alison's blog - not only is it fabulous to look at, it's so thoughtfully put together too. Especially that dog stamp!

alexa said...

Super stuff! I bet this made everyone along the way smile!

scrappyjacky said...

Love it....great happy mail.

Miriam said...

Snap! we both did maps! This was fun once I got over the terror of actually putting something together.

Alison said...

I've been looking at again today, Wendy!...and it was very nice to get the extra little envelope too!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

Oh it's just lovely, and so much thought has gone into this

debs14 said...

I'd seen how lovely this was over on Alison's blog - what a clever idea to use the maps, brilliant!