Friday, 23 September 2011

I don’t believe it

You need to put on your best Victor Meldrew voice and re-read my title, that’s the clean version of what I yelled as my phone (the all singing, all dancing new one) leapt from the back pocket of my jeans and dived head first down the pan. Now, IF the last occupant of the bathroom had closed the toilet lid or IF I had been in any other room when my phone suddenly leapt into life I may not have uttered those words but they hadn’t and I wasn’t and I did so now my lovely new phone is kaput. I’ll not dwell on my sorry tale, I am insured and I still have a smidgen of hope that after a weekend of drying out it may end well – I know, I’m not holding my breath.

In other news I have crafted! All please take a moment whilst this news sinks in but I have. I can’t show you a photo because, you guessed it, it was on my phone. Actually I think I do have a copy on the laptop but I can’t show you anyway because it was my contribution to Gingers Mail Art Exchange and so I’ll not share until it has arrived safely at its destination. Ginger – thank you. I’m so glad you spotted I was back and contacted me before your deadline, it was wonderful to sit and craft again, although I did struggle a little for inspiration. I am determined though to get back into it.

As I can’t share my crafting at the moment I thought I’d share an odd little shot but one that shows another persons craft. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a before shot and this is probably the oddest thing I have (publicly) enthused about but take a look at my pitch fork.

What about that then, and the spade too. Both of these items were inherited at the hovel and both had seen far better days. They were pitted, rusted and sporting stubby broken handles. A few weeks ago we happened across a market stall selling similar items and as we chatted it transpired that the owner ‘repaired’ these very implements. A few weeks and less than thirty pounds later and look at them now. I’ve never owned a pitch fork before lol.

But now I guess with that I’ll leave you. Thursday saw the Victor moment, Friday saw me obtain a wasp sting as I’ll climbed over a farm gate (you can imagine where can’t you) but I did get a better harvest from the two remaining potato tubs and Saturday, well lets just wait and see shall we – bring it on! Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx


Alison said...

As someone who has never owned a pitchfork either, I think it looks rather spiffy!! Have a great weekend!
Alison xx

Sian said...

Technology. It stinks. Just like wasp stings. Hope your weekend is improving by now :)

Miriam said...

Gorgeous picture & very funny antics at your place, lol about jumping phone! So glad you did some crafting. I plan to do something tomorrow, very small and very easy but it's been sitting on my desk for EVER. x

Ginger said...

Oh boy Wendy I am so sorry to hear about the phone!! Yikes!

I am so happy that you were able to partake in the exchange and I look forward to seeing the finished product:)

scrappyjacky said...

I'm not sure which is worse..the phone or the wasp the longer term....I s'pose the phone....but I really hate wasps!!
Hope the weekend has been an improvement.

Jimjams said...

I do hope things went UPhill for you later in the weekend rather than down! On a positive note, No.1 Son's washed phone did eventually recover - it took a few days in the airing cupboard and being packed in a box with some rice - not sure if a week sat on a shelf wouldn't have been just as effective, but we felt like we were doing something to help it!

alexa said...

That's a very classy photo! How wonderful to own these... My DS dropped his new iphone down the loo but it dried out perfectly well on top of a radiator after about 48 hours - hopefully all is not lost!