Thursday, 2 June 2011

30 day Photography Challenge

I came across this challenge at White Peach Photography whilst having one of my first forays into the world of Pinterest. Almost simultaneously I’d been conversing with a new blogging contact, Miriam, about photo challenges. Between us we sort of thought that maybe we’d give it a go, and so we have, although it did take a reminder from Miriam to get me started – how on earth did we get around to June so fast?

The challenge runs for the whole of June with a prompt to each day, photos are posted to a group on Flickr and there’s a discussion linking to all the blogs taking part. Take a look at the link above and maybe you’ll decide to join it too. And so without further ado I present Days 1 & 2.

Day 1 – Self Portrait

Not one of my better ones but as I said, I did need a reminder and ended up taking one in a hurry. It will always remind me that I was washing that day though lol.

Day 2

Day 2 – What you wore today

It was 15:00 when I posted this shot and I was already on my third outfit of the day. I don’t usually wear that many clothes in one day but on this occasion I’d thrown on the sundress you can see above first thing this morning just for something to make do really. Later, when showered I’d donned the sensible brown trews and top for a hospital visit (you can all imagine I’m sure, hospital visits always require the right clothes for the right type of visit Smile). Back home I happily discarded that little lot for a cool floaty skirt and plain tee. Phew  ….. 

……..  Did I mention that I popped into an outlet store on the way home and tried on loads of summer dresses?

…….. Oooh, did I also mention that ‘Ooops’ two must of fallen into my basket alongside the teaspoons I needed for The Hovel.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx


Sian said...

I like your self portrait very much! It's very nice to see you.

Jo.C said...

Great shots - I was thinking about doing this but too many other things on at mo so have saved it to do later. Have fun x

Alison said...

It sounds as though you change clothes just as often as I do, in a day! Love the pics...and the shopping sounds like fun
Alison xx

Miriam said...

Well done for blogging it as well! I'm very impressed. I was going to have a day off my computer today! Do you know the very same thing happened to me the other day, I was taking a short cut through M&S... how the jacket ended up in my basket.....

Jimjams said...

Those dresses have a mind of their own leaping into baskets like that!
Lovely SP too.

Gem's Crafts said...

I love the sound of this photography class - just don't have the time for it. Do you learn new techniques as you go along? Loving your photos anyway, and will look forward to the future June photos :)