Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Techno Scrabble & the CAT

I have to say that technology continues to stalk me a little.  Just when I thought I had it sussed, something jumps and bites me! It’s the syncing of my calendar that is todays frustration – yesterday it worked, today it doesn’t. My blog still doesn't want to show the older shots either and Link Within support have not replied to my email requesting advice. I hereby give up on this particular endeavour for now and have removed the offending titbit of code. It’s not all bad though and I can thoroughly recommend a little free app called ‘Word Feud’. It’s scrabble by any other name with the added benefit of being able to play over a distance. The Boy B and I started a game Friday morning whilst I was loading the car to drive to The Hovel, we finished the game Saturday evening with himself still up in Manchester whilst I was safely ensconced in amongst the green, green valleys of Wales. I must also report that I beat him by a very clear 90 points. He may be on his way to being able to call himself Dr but I am still ‘The Mommy’ it would seem lol.


Whilst away, I did manage to re-vamp the barometer – but I don’t like it! I quite like the effect I’ve achieved on it but I don’t like the overall look of it, if that makes any sense? It’s the gold trim and edging on the dials and thermometer you see. I’m not a yellow gold person, I much prefer the metals that are silver in colour be they white gold, platinum or good old silver itself. I did contemplate buying silver paint of some description but the lettering behind the glass etc would remain gold so I don’t think that will work either. At the moment it has been found a home on the hovel kitchen wall and I will leave it a while see if it grows on me, I suspect though that it will be winging its way to a charity shop in the near future.

Barometer 2

The hovel, I am pleased to report, had undergone its treatment for woodworm; phase 1 of the water improvement scheme has been completed (remember bad egg smell?) and we’ve agreed upon the work to replace the very wonky cottage door. The only downside is that I forgot to take a photo of the door as it is currently and it will be all changed by the time we next visit. Even though the weather was pretty bad (and believe me, it rained a lot) we still had a lovely long weekend. We also visited CAT – Centre for Alternative Technology, for the first time too. We spent a lovely day, T’hubby, Grumpy, Tattyhead and myself wandering around and debating just how viable solar water heating might be for The Hovel. I loved the demo on the working horses but I don’t think I’ll get away with suggesting we invest in one somehow, do you?


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Wendy xx


Alison said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend Wendy.... have I already mentioned that I am technically challenged too? Thanks for stopping by my blog
Alison xx

Miriam said...

I'll take a look at the word thingy. Thanks. Love the look of that horse, could you use it instead of a trailer? you know for bringing stuff back from the shops that don't fit in the car? You know the one about OMG what size car do you think we have woman!!! lol

Sian said...

I'm pretty technology challenged myself. We have just taken delivery of our water butt and fitting it to the drainpipe is giving us a challnge. I don't think I'd better suggest solar heating round here just yet lol

Gem's Crafts said...

Why don't you try painting the barometer thing a warmer colour, i think because its blue it doesn't go with the gold because its a cold colour, try a warmer reddy/brown colour and you might just change your mind! It sounds like its all go at The Hovel!