Monday, 28 February 2011

At last ….

Its taken us more than 2 years but we have finally bought a Kerry Darlington picture. We first came across her unique style in a little shop in Lichfield, we loved it but somehow we just didn’t get around to buying it and by the time we decided to do it, it had gone.  Then when we married in July 2009 we chose to ask folk to contribute to our ‘painting’ fund  if they insisted on getting us something rather than buy us gifts. We even popped along to a little gallery in Kirkby Lonsdale on the way up to the Lakes for our wedding and found yet another one from the same range that we rather liked. We thought that we’d got plenty of time to think about it before committing, and indeed we had, but by the time we did finally get around to making the decision it was a few months later and once again, it had gone. And so, periodically we have a nosy around to see what’s available but we’d still not progressed to actually buying one. At the most recent ‘nosey’ we saw that Kerry had an exhibition at Daventry in just a couple of weeks time. Perfect - we thought – Daventry is only a hour away we’ll go along, meet Kerry and choose our painting. We knew that since our first sighting of her stuff that there had been a couple of new ranges, the very latest being ‘Florals’ which I did quite like the look of. And so, last Thursday I caught the train to Bourneville to meet Pete from work and we drove to Evergreen Art in Daventry. I’ve not been to an exhibition in a small gallery before and I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but we had a really pleasant time. I think we were determined to buy something and so after going around two or three times, discussing different options with the gallery owner, we did settle on one. However, I didn’t like the frame it was already in and so we chose to do something quite different and now we wait.  Hopefully it will still look stunning in our choice of frame, I think I will remain a little nervous until I actually see it in real life though. After we’d done the deal Kerry came over to chat and her publicist took this shot of us holding our precious painting. You can just see in the background the type of frame that we’ve chosen rather than its original.

Barrett 1

Kerry is absolutely gorgeous and a lovely person too, it was really nice to meet her and to chat a while. She very kindly signed the back of our painting for us, when she asked what dedication we wanted we looked at each other blankly, then I remembered it was actually a wedding present. And so it now says “To Wendy and Pete, The Wedding Present, Love Kerry Darlington” – How perfect it that? I completely fell in love with the painting you can see just behind Pete and Kerry called Sakura which apparently is the Japanese for Cherry Blossom. I would have loved to purchase this one but with a 23k price tag, we had to pass lol. You can see a larger photo of Sakura by following this link.

The photo above doesn’t do our painting justice, it really is a beautiful piece of art – now we just need to find the right place to hang it lol.

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Wendy x

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Guilt Free Working Mom said...

Love that painting. You have great taste. The art, the jam, love it all. You you have style :)