Thursday, 20 January 2011

Marmalade, free hot water and stools!


Pete had been hankering after making some marmalade and so last weekend he set to. It’s our first time and so we don’t really know which recipe works best and so we tried a quickie version – only it took an age before it made any attempt at setting. Still we got there in the end and managed to bottle around 12 jars in total. I have to say it’s really quite nice, at first taste I thought it wasn’t quite sweet enough for me but actually its just about right on toast.

Water Drop

Anthony set ME a challenge a week ago now with this lovely shot of a drop of water. Shame on me I still haven’t quite got around to getting one done myself. I desperately want to get making cushions etc with all the Laura Ashley material I acquired and I think my time and energy has gone on this instead. Not that I’ve actually made any yet but my ‘planning’ is coming along nicely. I’ve grabbed some new cushion inners and thought I’d start with some for our bed at home, just to dress it up a little. Hit a snag though with the continuous zips I bought, they’re too dark! Another online order coming on then lol.  

Stool 1

Stool 2

I also picked up a couple of stools from a local charity shop. My original intention was to make them both into bespoke bedside tables for the cottage but when I saw one sat alongside the table in the conservatory I realised that they were the perfect size for slotting under the table for extra seating. And so now they are awaiting a little bit of tlc to turn them into cute little additions to the eating area.

First kettle

Last but not least I have been successful in getting a kettle to boil on the wood burner, woohoo I am so pleased. Gonna try starting some soup off on the cooker and transferring to the wood burner to cook slowly in a little while. I’ll let you know how I fare.

Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

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