Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wet Wednesday

Yuck, I hate wet days, I’d rather it be cold than wet. It feels so dismal and dreary when its like this. Had a bit of an hiccup earlier with the car we’re supposed to be picking up later today. Pete’s hire car is due back today and so we can’t start messing about but the dealers called to say that we couldn’t have the car today because Pete’s signature was different on a couple of documents! Err, why didn’t they tell us last week when we had time to sort it. Anyhow, I ranted and fingers crossed with the help of a photocopier and fax machine we should still be on for later today. Also today I’ve tried raiding the British Heart Foundation shop again, this time for a wardrobe that I can use as a linen cabinet – I was out of luck this time. There was one that might be suitable but the old wood is just too gorgeous to paint over and as I want the furniture in the bedroom to be cream I won’t have much choice. I did pick up a set of slate coasters for the princely sum of one pound, just the right material for the cottage I think. I’m still looking for a couple of nice plates to make into a cake stand but so far these are eluding me too.

My baby girl had a bit of a time of it yesterday bless her, but after it was all done she didn’t complain once – quite the opposite to her big sister lol. Still no scrapping getting done, I am managing to get through some of the ever growing piles of novels I have so I guess that’s where my spare time is going at the moment. The only slightly crafty thing I have done is to prep some of this months photos (a couple have already been posted) and today’s picture is one of those. All along Amsterdam’s waterways, as well as bikes, you see houseboats – how I would love one of those.

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  Wendy x

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