Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Views of Amsterdam

This is one of my favourite photos of Amsterdam, well along with the fruit I posted last week, it sums up Amsterdam wonderfully I think. Boats, water and bikes. All that’s missing are the sex shops and the magic mushrooms! Now why didn’t I take any photos of the plethora of shops of this nature – I guess I was just too scared too lol.

We had a lovely weekend with Anthony’s brief visit, although he did spend most of the time out either catching up with old friends or at the Wolves match on Sunday. Pete spent Sunday taking the awning down, emptying the caravan of everything and moving it onto Alan’s forecourt to see if he can get us a sale. Pete doesn’t think that’s likely to happen where it is and that he’ll be back down in a few weeks to move it to Telford Caravans. We haven’t advertised it though so perhaps we ought to give that one go at least.

Most things are set for the coming weekend. The van has been hired, fridge/freezer purchased, a 2 seater sofa and 2 armchairs wait to be collected and finally, a scrummy bed and mattress due to be delivered here on Friday. I’m really looking forward to getting there and getting stuck in to making it feel homely. Before then though, Bex’ orthodontic treatment starts today with two extractions later this afternoon. There’s a long way to go and unfortunately Bex treatment isn’t as straightforward as Emily’s so I have to admit to being a tad concerned. Fingers crossed though that it’s not too bad for her. On a less stressful note (for now anyway) Ems and her friends have started the hunt for Prom dresses – Oh dear! We’ve not been to the shop yet but two of her friends have and the one has already chosen her dress! The Prom isn’t until May!! Interesting times ahead me thinks :-)

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  Wendy x

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