Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Much much later ……

Three weeks since my last entry, that seems such a very long time and so much to tell! Ok, first things first, I have done zero scrapping since the last lo I posted, I just don’t seem to have had the time and when I have I’ve not had the inclination. Need to get that sorted! Secondly – we didn’t get the cottage, sad to say that the owners decided to accept the offer from the folks who’d made it first. We’d both made the same offer you see and although it was tempting to play a little dirty and go back with a higher offer, we didn’t – we should have made the higher offer in the first place if we’d wanted to be sure we got it. So you live and learn.

So we put aside our disappointment and started to look forward to our little holiday in Ibiza. We were due to fly out on the 17th April, only we didn’t. Caught up in the closure of European Air Space we eventually received notification of the cancellation 12 hours before we were due to fly.  That was at 18:00 on the Friday, by 18:10 I’d booked us a ferry to France leaving the next morning. We hurriedly packed, took Maisy to the carers, grabbed a bit to eat and then hit the road. We drove down to Folkestone and stayed the night with Steve who very kindly put us up. Next morning we caught the 09:55 ferry to Calais. Clear blue skies greeted us and that’s the way it remained for the whole week. Pete had taken the roof down before we’d even embarked and there it stayed.

Topless 900

We had nowhere to stay booked and had decided to head for the centre of the country as that’s where the weather appeared best. We eventually chose to stay in the (new) town (17th Century) of Richelieu at Le Puits Dores.

Le Puits Dores 900

As hotels go it wasn’t the best but the location was good and given that we’d done no research whatsoever it could have been far worse lol. We spent a very pleasant couple of days here strolling around Richelieu Park and visiting Chinon.

Richelieu Park 900

Then we headed to the coast, to Pornichet and The Regent Hotel. Once again the hotel was a little disappointing but that was more the fact the it was surrounded by apartments all facing gorgeous golden sands but packed none the less. From here though we still spent a couple of lovely days, again with clear blue skies and picnics on some wild rugged coastline.

Le Croix 900

We’d driven to Le Croix for this tranquillity and it really was quite beautiful.  The local ‘medieval cite’  proved interesting too and all in all it was a lovely stay.  For our last couple of day we' moved back inland near Alecon and the Chateau Monhoudou.

Chateau Monhoudou 1 900

This beautiful house has been in the same family since the 14th Century. We were warmly welcomed by Madam, Marie Christine and were given the choice of rooms. Pete decided that a spot of luxury was called for and so we chose the best (The Blue) room. We had a large room plus separate bathroom plus a shower in the turret (on the right) How cool is that lol.

Chateau Monhoudou 900

Fully equipped with it’s own pool, billiard room and landing strip, the Chateau was a wonderful ‘chilling’ way to end our break.

And so now I need to get my mojo back and scrap some of the lovely photos and memories I have.

Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

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