Friday, 19 March 2010

Windows Live Writer test

I spotted mention of Windows Live Writer on another blog. Some folk seem to have problems with Blogger but, touch wood, I don’t. I did wonder though whether this would give me some new features so I thought I’d give it a try. The first thing I notice is that there is a wider range of fonts available to me. I am presuming it will be any font that is installed on my machine but we’ll see what happens when I post.

The workers relax!

The next thing I wanted to try was attaching a photo, more than that though there are supposed to be editing facilities too which include creating an instant photo frame. Well, that appears to work also. Sticking with the photos theme, I believe I can add a photo album, or multiple photos, so that what I’ll try now.

And Voila, that works nicely too. Next is the option to insert a map, home will do.

Map picture

Well I think that’s all for this little test, have realised that I can change the text colour too, woohoo.  If this all posts correctly then it’s a revelation – brilliant.


Biskit said...

LOL - you've played with it more than me! I have a huge post being published tomorrow with lots of photo's so have yet to play. May just have to spend some time doing it now.

WendyB said...