Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Still no holiday booked

Well we’re still ‘umming’ and ‘arrrring’ about what to do and so, as yet, we’ve not booked anything. The sensible bit of me (and Pete) says “lets book something less costly, especially as this is an ‘extra’ holiday” and the other bit keeps thinking “but how gorgeous does the other holiday look” And so it goes on. Our aim for this year was Crete for the family holiday in the summer and then a city break either spring or autumn and a trip to either Marrakesh or Jordon for the other. I quite fancy Dubrovnik but as it’s by the coast I just feel it needs to be warm when we go there lol. Marrakesh is a long time wish but I’ve been seduced by the thought of white sandy beaches. Aaaarrrgghh – what to do.

Best Friends forever 900

Parking that dilemma for a little while, I have managed to get some scrapping done and I am quite pleased with what I’ve done. This layout was inspired by one I saw in March edition of Scrapbook Magazine and was completed using March GoGo kit. I love the photo of Ems and Danni – it was taken at London Dungeons last November on a school trip, don’t they look all grown up? I altered the ‘friends’ chipboard and number of times before I was finally happy with the result lol and I just love the little flowers cut from the patterned paper.

Ok, back to my holiday shopping!!

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