Friday, 26 March 2010

The Blogger Template Designer

Woohoo, Bloggers new template designer is good. Have a look here at the info and then go have a play. I can see me losing more hours to this little improvement too. I still need to decide which font I like best for posting and I think it’ll be quite annoying to see constantly changing fonts each day. for now this is ‘Problem Secretary Normal’

Best Friends forever detail 900

As I really don’t like posting without a photo, here’s a close up from my last layout. I have one on the go but no photos yet.

Just updating this post to say that we have indeed finally chosen our little holiday, just waiting for confirmation before I book flights. We have shifted from one extreme to another and have looked at loads in between. So instead of the Exclusive little island in the Maldives we’re going self catering to Ibiza lol and do you know it looks absolutely lovely. Its away from the crowds (if there are any in April) and looks like it’ll be for Pete the ideal place to recharge his batteries. Can’t wait :-)

the tower ibza

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