Monday, 1 March 2010

Fresh Faced & Scrumptious

Saturday saw me trekking over to Coventry for my first ever GoGo Event - GoGo Game Over. Five packed classes later after lots and lots of scrapping, chatting, coffees and snacks; nine hours after I'd arrived I set off home again.  To say the day was packed full really isn't doing it justice, I had a brilliant time. I didn't quite manage to completely finish any of the classes but I did get closer as the day wore on.  I have some wonderful layouts that just need the finishing touches and I want to crack on with those as soon as I can. First though I needed to clear my desk! That does mean that I have finally finished the layout I gave a peak of last week.

I love the colours and the vintage feel to this one, all taken from the February kit. The photo goes back to October 2005, back in the days when the girls didn't feel the need to apply an inch of make-up before they greet each day! Back later with more hopefully.

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Jackie xxx said...

Love this layout and love the vintage feel to it.