Monday, 1 March 2010

Domino Effect by Nicola Kerridge

Here's the first class from Game Over on Saturday. This layout was designed by Nicola Kerridge who was, unfortunately, unable to join us on the day but Janice did the class proud.  This was my first class ever and I initially felt like" Whoa, where did all this speed scrapping come from" lol I really did struggle (in a nice way) with this first one and consequently I was no where near complete at the end of the class. No problem though, I just collected all the bits and finished this one off last night. I think one of the good things about doing this is that it makes you use stuff or techniques you wouldn't usually. For me I probably wouldn't have chosen the giant domino's and I wouldn't have thought to make the scrolls from strips of paper but they are very effective aren't they.

This is one of my favourite photos of Pete, it was taken when we took ourselves off for a weekend break in Lancashire just after we'd moved into our new home. I remember I was doing one of CJ's classes at the time (The Masterclass I think) and I needed to find a Wi-Fi spot somewhere, the little cafe  where this was taken did the trick.

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