Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I bathed

Well we have a working bathroom again but to say it's been a fraught few days would be an understatement. Back on Friday this is how the room looked. Everything had been stripped out the weekend before and freshly plastered. A blank canvas to start with.

The room is only small and so we'd not really been able to alter the design drastically, although we chose to put the sanitary ware into units to streamline the room rather than the stand alone items they were previously. Steve and Pete hit one problem after another and it took them a lot longer than any of us expected. There was lots of swearing, shouts of 'oh no' and at least one strop from me lol. But eventually, at 22:30 last night, they stopped work on it. Enough had been done to enable the tiler to do his bit today. There are still bits to do, including the flooring and painting the non tiled walls, but it is now usable. And so this afternoon I celebrated with a bath - pure bliss.

Oh yes, and the bath panel still has to be placed correctly lol

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