Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Lovely Bones

Tuesday evening the girls and I headed over to Star City. Pete joined us as we were just tucking into our pizzas in Pizza Hut, and just in time to grab himself something to eat. We actually had a really good value meal - individual pizza, plus side of either wedges or garlic bread plus a drink for £4, the girls had a slice of cheesecake each too for an extra £1 each. The total bill only came to £16 which I thought was really quite good.  Once we'd eaten we headed into the cinema clutching our pieces of paper that gave us access to this (free) preview screening. I have to say I enjoyed the film, there were a couple of occasions where I thought 12A might not be quite the right certificate though. The girls assessment at the end was 'the most depressing film ever' but strangely, their eyes were glued to the screen throughout! Pete thought it was a little bit cheesy in places but he enjoyed it too. I didn't find it at all cheesy and thought that they'd depicted her 'heaven' really quite well.

Now today I have had a wonderfully pleasant, extended lunch. I met up with an old friend and we drove out to a nice pub for a spot of lunch and a good old natter. And natter we did. It must be 26/27 years since we last worked together but that just didn't matter and the time absolutely flew by. Roll on the next one.

Mojo currently seems to have upped and left me, I need to find some inspiration from somewhere but first I guess I'd best make Mom's tie-backs she requested at the beginning of the week - oops.

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