Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday's Travels

Pete took the big car today as there's still so much snow around. That meant I needed to use the bus if I wanted to get into town, and I desperately needed to get into town! It's Pete's birthday tomorrow and, bless him, he's not got a lot!  So I got myself togged up warmly and set out. Fairly uneventful really, the bus arrived quickly and moved along at a decent pace etc. etc. I managed to get all the things I wanted to for Pete. I managed to find a raincoat for me and I came across a lovely little boutique called Prima Donna that I'd not seen before and will definitely return to. They had some lovely stuff that I've not seen anywhere else. I had myself a spot of lunch too as I was feeling very hungry and knew that if I left it until I got home then I'd be ill.

So, presents all wrapped, messages exchanged on Facebook, cup of coffee made and I'm all ready to settle down with the PDF file that I downloaded yesterday of Ready Set Create Magazine. I don't usually get on with downloaded mags as I like to be able to hold the paper in my hand but I thought I'd give this one a go and use the laptop to read it rather than the pc. The little bit I looked at yesterday certainly had some lovely layouts in it. Bye for now.

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