Friday, 20 November 2009

Busy busy work work

I'm just sat having a quick cuppa and catching my breath after a vigorous session of ball throwing for Maisy over the park.  She runs for miles, and I've still got the ball lol. Then, just as she may start to lose interest, I throw the ball in the opposite direction and she runs a few miles more. Ok, miles might be an exaggeration but you get the picture. Back home though, I need to get cracking once I've finished my tea. We've Steve and P to visit for the weekend so I need to whiz around doing the housework, then get to Sainsbury's and ideally I would like to do some baking.  Oh, yes and I need to squeeze in a shower before shopping and do a call of nature tidy up in the back garden at some point too.  I'd like to get stuck into some more scrapping as it's really flowing just lately but I think I might be dreaming now until Monday at the earliest. Hmm, the mention of Monday makes me think of the working week, which in turn makes me think of an email I received this morning - They're trying to get me back to work aaarrrggghh. There's a 3 month contract that Karen thinks is perfect for me, not exactly local but not too far away either. Trouble is it's full time which is not something I really want. Actually I don't REALLY want to go back to work at all, there is no financial need. But I do accept that maybe it makes a little sense to do a little bit here and there and just use the cash to top up our pensions. But, again, I only want part time, especially to start with.  So, maybe I'll put my CV in, I'll give it some thought over the weekend.

More importantly, here's yesterday crafting achievement.  There's a challenge in GoGo land to use the monthly kit stamp to create something, so I had a play and used it to create this scalloped border which I then trimmed.  I love this photo of the girls, it's from July 2001.  I love the chocolate you can see around Emily's face and the funny look on Bex face - priceless.

I love these little wobbly eyes that I've added.  I picked these up in Hobbycraft last week as I thought they might come in handy sometime.  Didn't expect to use them quite so quickly though.

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