Friday, 23 October 2009

Today started with a trip to the Children's Outpatients department at New Cross Hospital, Ems had an appointment at the Allergy Clinic. This was following her fainting episode at school a couple of weeks ago. As I suspected though the test were inconclusive so she's been discharged and we just need to take her back to A&E if it happens again - lets hope it doesn't. Ems doesn't wear glasses, and you'll notice that these glasses don't actually have any lenses in them anyway! They're 3D glasses, or rather they WERE 3D glasses some time ago. These glasses have been to Spain and back with us this year, no lenses, just for fun. I do have some classic shots of Bex swimming in them that I must get around to doing something with.

Talking of which, I really must crack on with tidying up the vegetable plot.

It is looking rather sparse now. We've only a few leeks left in the ground and the remnants of the tomato plants but we have bought some onion sets, asparagus and garlic that need to be planted this month. First though I need to get some weeding done and enrich the soil with some fresh compost.

My other thought for today is to bake some cupcakes, not a lot, just a few. I bought a new icing bag and nozzle whilst we were in Bath last weekend and I want to test it out. I just want to avoid eating too many though. Mmmm, I might do some flapjacks too, I can feel the pounds piling as as I type.

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