Monday, 26 October 2009

Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy

I'd forgotten all about this double lo that I did for May Week 2 GoGo Academy. I think it's because it took me a while to go back and stick everything down and then I just filed it away in the scrapbook. Anyhow, I've just uploaded it to the clubhouse for completeness. I'd loved these papers when I'd used them on my 'Way back when' layout, I find they give a nostalgic feel without being twee. I love the effect of printing the large photo in black and white directly onto the swiss dot cardstock too and must use that again in the future.

Half term week here which means I've spent a good portion of today picking up or dropping off one child or other. Actually, that's not fair, it's only been Beccy today but it eats into the day all the same. Electrics are fixed and he's given me a couple of tips for Pete (that'll go down well - not). Sue's back off their little hols so i can have my own car back tonight - yippee, so all is well with the world. Cup of tea then a spot of scrapping hopefully.

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