Tuesday, 27 October 2009

At last I like Wine ......

....... Well one particular wine at least. Over the years I have tried to like wine, the closest I have come has been the really cheap Lambrusco but you can't really call that wine. Sweet and sparkling was the only thing I could drink more than a sip of until now. Woohoo, I have found a wine that I like.

A couple of weeks after our wedding in July, Pete and I visited Pete's Dad in Folkestone. Whilst there we went to the little Italian that Dad likes to take us to. When we were in Iceland I'd been drinking Asti Tosti with my evening meal and had quite enjoyed it and so I asked what they had of this nature in the Italian. After much searching they came up with a glass of sweet, slightly sparkling wine. I LOVED it. It's Alasia Moscato d'Asti. Back home I have since tracked it down on the internet. Prices were silly for ordering online and so when Pete started working on the outskirts of Birmingham I asked him to pop by a wine seller I'd found and grab a couple of bottles. I was not disappointed and a couple of weeks ago for the first time EVER I was able to take wine with me to The Clove rather than my usual lager. Woohoo - I'm no longer a lager lout.

This layout was done with GoGoCreate's October kit and for the first time I sewn two pieces of cardstock together.

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