Friday, 19 October 2007

It's been quite a while...........

.... since my last post, in fact it's been an age. I'm not really sure why I record anything here now, I can't keep up with the HS:MS prompts and since being mobile again I feel I have less and less time for blogging. Apart from which, without the HS:MS prompts (and of course you Sue) there's unlikely to be anyone reading this so why bother I ask myself. I suppose, apart from anything else it does act as a diary, I've had my moments with diaries but haven't kept a regular diary since my teens. I do, however, keep a travel journal that I record each day of any holidays I take in and usually I thoroughly enjoy this. I created another blog a few weeks ago to use as my visual diary which I needed for the photography course I was doing. It was good to be able to record shots without the need for many words, I guess I always worry with words about the folks that 'might' read them. I think I am saying that I'm not at all sure if I will keep this up or not but for now here's a quick roundup of life since my last posting.

We did finally move house, we had a few hiccups along the way e.g. the buyers deciding at the last minute that they wanted to pay less than they'd offered! Then we had the dreaded box of books falling whilst clearing the loft and the resulting hole in the bathroom ceiling - you get the general gist of things I think. At the new house we had a mini flood which resulted in a call for an emergency plumber, bless him though, he was the husband of a friend of my sister who doesn't do call outs but came out to us on a Saturday evening and only wanted to charge us £25. Our new home is lovely though. We've lots we need/want to do to make it exactly how we want it but we've got plenty of time. My favourite room is the 'snug' - No TV, large comfortable settees, a music system, books, favourite paintings hung on the walls, carefully chosen photos of family on the bookshelf and a REAL FIRE. We've not yet lit the fire, not really been cold enough and the central heating is rather warm BUT I am looking forward to the dead of winter to give it a go. The room is also made for a Christmas setting with it's dark wood and rich red upholstery, oooh, can't wait.

We went away for a few days earlier this week, up to the Lancashire/Yorkshire border and spent a very pleasant few days at Richardson's - Eaves Hall Hotel. Because it's not a large hotel (approx 35 rooms I think) it felt quite comfortable really quickly. One of the things we managed to do I'd been wanting to do for a few years - We took the train from Settle to Carlisle. It's billed as the most scenic route in England and it just might be true, it was lovely. One of today's photos was taken on the return journey and the daylight was starting to dim. I didn't have my DSLR as the battery had run out and for some unknown reason I didn't have the charger with me, so my trusty cybershot came to the rescue. I've not altered the shot apart from to add the border and the text - this is straight from the camera, I really like the effect. The shot of Pete ws taken with my Cannon and I have adjusted this one slightly as it was a little dark. It's a lovely photo of him and is probably my most favourite ever :-)

I'd quite like to spend a little time (and probably a bit of money) sussing out if I could sell some of my photos - not of Pete obviously! I've a few that I've been quite pleased with and could imagine gracing the wall of a little coffee house somewhere. So I've been toying wit the idea of getting a couple printed onto canvas and seeing if there are any takers - might be easier to just buy my own coffee house ;-)

Thanks for tuning in folks, catch you later.

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