Friday, 28 September 2007

Bowing out for a while

At some point in the next few hours we get the keys to our new house (oh and Pete leaves work). Over the weekend it will be frantic and then on Monday the telephone number will be switched to the new house - but not Broadband. Unfortunately I get to wait up to 10 days for Broadband to be back up and working. I do have BT Openzone access and I have located a wifi hotspot in a pub near our new home, so I may be 'forced' to sit in the pub for a while - oh dear. Still, it does mean it might be while before my next posting. I'll leave you with a shot taken for my photography course, the theme - reflections. But what is it?


Sue Nicholson said...

Clever shot Wendy :) I don't know how you did this with just a camera!! Fabulous photo :)

Fraid you have given the game away with the title so my miniscule brain didn't find it hard to guess!

Hoping you settle in quickly and everything goes to plan.Am I right Pete is leaving work to look elsewhere?

Bye for now.

Congratulations on the move.


Sue Nicholson said...

Hope all is going well in your new home.

Just dropping by to say that I have tagged you :) Please see todays post.

Take care and hope you are back soon