Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Photoshop Play

Oooo, I'm really pleased with what I have managed to do with this photo. I love Em's look in it but the background was too distracting so I altered it in Photoshop. First we have the alterations to the background, then the background removed completely. I'll leave it for now and play more tomorrow. Toodles


Anne said...

Wendy, this is brilliant!! I've been trying unsuccessfully to do this for ages (I have PSE, is that different from yours?)

WendyB said...

I have replied directly to you Anne but for completeness.

This is done is PS CS3. I am completely new to Photoshop though, not used anything at all before. For these alterations I followed a tut I found at
The one I used was for Distracting backgrounds and can be found in the Advanced Tutorial section. I've not tried any others yet but this one was really good.


Terrie said...

Great work, i really have to try this with loads of mine but have elements too...will have to be brave and have a play.

Sue Nicholson said...

Must look this out Wendy. I used the magnetic lasso in Pshop to select the teeth for my Chew prompt, created a new layer and copied it in to it, (Layer>New>Copy From). The shape was easy whereas this looks more complicated.

Bye for now