Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dirty Feet again

I should have been working, not paid work you understand - hee hee I don't do that sort of thing any more - but I should have been doing some of the hundreds and hundreds of tasks that we need to do in order to move house. But I didn't feel well, the sort of unwell where you can't start packing the entire contents of your 20 year old son's room, but you can sit (weakly mind) on the bed with your poorly ankle resting and the laptop on your lap no less!! Of course this will sound awfully weak even to me when I try it out on Pete later, but just look at what I did manage in my weakened state - da da - My first layout (other than the dare I did) for weeks. The photos are the same set that I posted earlier in the week but I like them so decided to create a layout for Beccy's 8x8 album. The credits are really easy too as it's: Bittersweet papers by Dahlia Co Designs and Negative frame by Kari Q, although I have altered it slightly.

Well, I feel a tad fortified now so I think I will crack on, I have an hour and half in which to race round multi-tasking. Hmm, I'm sure I'll feel all weak again after that ;-)


Anne said...

Beautiful LO! Is this a digi-scrap? Gorgeous papers!

Sue Nicholson said...

Another great LO Wendy :)

Right so this is paper and not brushes. It's really nice.