Saturday, 21 July 2007

Two weeks today ....

... we'll be getting ready to set off on our hols. We'll be packing up the last few things we need, loading the car and making sure that the house is spic and span for any viewers that the agents bring around whilst we are away. We are away for nearly 3 weeks which is why we need to leave a key with the agents as we can't afford to miss the potential buyers during that time.

Destination for our hols this year is France, again. It is just so very easy, laid back and relaxing - that's why we return. We don't go to the same place but we usually move around during the holiday so we can afford to spend a few days at some particular favourites. This year we have 3 locations we're visiting (I once did Luxembourg, Italy, French Alps and Paris in one trip - just me and my 2 girls. Now that one has a few tales worth telling sometime) We start off in the French Alps, which the girls and I love but Pete's not been to before. The photograph I've loaded today is a shot of our tent the last time we were there, it's typical of the whole site. After the Alps we move to the South of France (just south west of Montpelier) to a beach site that also has a large water complex - this is the main part of our hols, especially for the girls. Once we've sunned ourselves there we head back north to just south of Paris, destination being Euro Disney for a couple of days (20 mins drive away) Then we head home, almost 3 weeks later. You never know, we might arrive home to a SOLD board, but I doubt it somehow.

On that front, we had 3 estate agents around yesterday and I think we've chosen the one we'll use at least to start with. We've lots of 'stuff' we need to do around house moves etc at the moment and I know Pete is feeling quite frazzled by it all so the holiday is going to provide a well needed break for him. Between now and then I need to do an awful lot of de-cluttering. This should achieve 2 things. Firstly it will help with any viewing that goes on and it should also enable an easy move when we do actually move into our new house. I will be sad to move from here though and the girls have only ever known this house so they'll find that strange. I think it will do us all good though and that it will be an excellent new chapter.

Right, I need to get on with today - I have started to feel the pull of the 'stash', might even manage to get myself sat at my desk and have a little play. Toodles.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Wishing you Good Luck with the house sale.

And not long to your holidays. Hope the weather is better in France then here . . . . that won't be hard.

Hope all is well with you.