Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Tuesday's Toodles

A quick layout and quick catch up. The girls and I have been away on our girlie weekend. we do this each year along with my sister, her two daughters and my Mom. This year Sue chose Bournemouth for us to visit and so that's where we were Sunday and Monday. I'd had growing problems with my leg during Friday and, although I tried to rest it on Saturday, the weekend has been rather painful and I'm now a tad worried about France. Enough of that though, Sunday was a gorgeous day, so much so that I ended up sunburnt!! The girls spent a wonderful few hours playing on the beach in the sand and paddling in the sea. Emily made me smile, she does do a very good 'sunbathe' - heaven help us when they're all teenagers together. We had a lovely evening meal and then a good nights sleep. Monday morning though dawned gloomy and wet. So we headed to Poole and to an indoor water park where once again the girls donned the cossies and were off. Mom, Sue and I chilled in the cafe area and once we'd rounded them up we grabbed something to eat in KFC before starting our run home. We headed home via Stonehenge as the girls have not seen it before. It was still miserable and wet when we arrived there so we didn't pay to actually go inside the fence but rather we pointed our camers over the fence to take our snapshots. This done we headed home for real. Sue drove my car for the weekend as I'm the only one with a 7 seater but still can't drive yet myself. Sue doesn't do a lot of motorway driving and so she was a tad nervous - she did wonderfully though, even with the parking.

Today's layout is a very quickie, credits are: Bittersweet Paper by Dahlia Co Designs at http://sugarinkstudio.blogspot.com and Film frame by Anna Aspnes. Hope you like it.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Now this lo I really like. It appeals to both my uniformed eye, (photos) and my creative one, (doodles)!

Do hope your leg is feeling better now. We are so impatient aren't we? And quite rightly so! My hand is fine in the morning but by 5pm it is so sore so I can empathise with you.

Next lo is to try to use your template. . . once it's unzipped!!