Friday, 25 May 2007

Good Morning

Today is my Mom's birthday and I shall be taking her out for lunch, she's at the age where there is nothing that she really wants for a present so she has asked for a day out. Can't do it today so lunch it is but then we'll arrange something for when we're all back from our hols. Talking of which I have a really busy day today but I've been sat at my PC for a while now playing with the settings on this blog - can blogging become obsessive? I need to get everything sorted for our hols, washing, ironing, packing, test the bike rack etc etc. I always seem to leave things until the very last minute and then end up running around like a headless chicken.

Our next assignment for the online photography course was in my inbox when I logged on this morning - Texture, using a light source to highlight texture. There have been some wonderful shots for the two assignments so far submitted. Some folk are very lucky to live in locations that lend themselves to wonderful photography. I always seem to struggle to think of either the right location or innovate sufficiently. I've added here another of my experimental shots from yesterday, I love how close I can take these now - these flowers are tiny!

Ok, time to get on with Day 2 of my new life - I need to eat :-)

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