Monday, 2 September 2013

Last to jump on the bandwagon …….

The Annie Sloan paint wagon that is. I’ve lurked in the background for a while now, wondering if it really was as good as it claimed to be. When I recently searched again and couldn’t find a bad word said about it, I took the plunge.
Our hall stairs and landing are long overdue a revamp. First up the artex and pine had to go and so the whole space was re-plastered.  Then came the decorating which has now thankfully been finished. Which just leaves the hall floor (wood to be laid) the stair carpet (a runner to be found) and carpet for the landing. We’re also still in need of new lights and window dressing but hey we’re heading in the right direction.
An old pine chest of drawers has stood in the hall forever, but it is useful for housing all manner of things from warm scarves and mittens to lost and found knick knacks that we seem to have a constant supply of. I’d found something in Ikea that I quite liked the look of but at £250 I thought it might be worth my while to attempt a revamp instead. True to form (well my form anyway) I forgot to take complete ‘before’ photo so its a sort of half way through but I think you’ll get the picture.
This paint is wonderful. I did zero prep and it really went on like a dream and dried quickly. I applied one straight from the tin coat of ‘Florence’ followed by a watered down coat when that was dry. I then applied clear wax all over, removing the excess with a cloth and ta da …. the finished product.
I so enjoyed it and its so easy and quick to achieve a nice result that I’m itching to do more.
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Wendy xx


Alison said...

I love that colour...and I am later than you on that off to google Annie Sloan!!
Alison xx

Sandie said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for leaving a comment on my post today. It has given me the opportunity to pop over and visit and admire your hall. Love it!!
I used Annie Sloane paint but sadly didn't have the same good result as you. I tried to paint an Edwardian bookcase and after lots of trials and errors and going back to the shop with a shelf, to show my problem, I gave up and went back to my tried and trusted satin paint. I am told that the chalk paint is perfect on pine and as I have a big dresser and a table to do I will perhaps give it another go. Glad that you had better results and I love that colour. I was thinking of making a statement out of mine and feel more inspired now I have seen yours.

WendyB said...

Hi Sandie, what a shame you had trouble with your piece. I can confirm that the pine (chest of drawers) has an almost perfect finish compared to a'good enough' finish on the old display cabinet (on the landing) I just presumed it was the carvings etc in the wood that made the difference but perhaps not. I've got a complete bedroom set to do at some stage, I'd guess them to be 1940's oak so I'll see what happens. Good luck with the dresser and table, let me know how you get on.