Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Country Living

I was really pleased with Sian’s comment on my last post where she referred to the photo of my poor potato harvest as a ‘country living’ shot lol. Daft I know, but I do like to make the shots I post as pleasing to the eye as possible. I don’t always manage it (often just don’t have the time) but I had secretly been rather pleased with this one even before the comments. And so I thought it might be a nice idea to share how it was achieved.

The photo was taken on my phone in landscape. The original shot was fine but lacking in something.

Step 1

I then used a photo editor (Photoshop Express for android in my case) to apply the effect ‘vignette blur’ to the shot. Starting to feel a little better here.

Step 2

This was saved and loaded up to Picnik where I added the ‘polaroid’ frame (choosing to straighten it rather that leave at a slant), I also then added the text. You could add a frame in Photoshop or another editor but to be honest Picnik is so quick and easy to use its not worth it. The choice of the polaroid frame cuts the shot into a square which had the pleasing effect of reducing the ‘vignette blur’ in the bottom corners. Voila! My Country Living shot – now if only they would employ me ……..

Potato harvest Sep 11 The Hovel edit

Do you like my flowers? This basket and pot set has sat, empty, on the windowsill at The Hovel for a few months now. I found it in TKMaxx at a fraction of the price I’d have paid elsewhere but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to put in it. I had a vision of something like ‘mind your own business’ I think they’re called. A mass of tiny green leaves with little orange ball fruit. I think I may be confusing two different plants though and suffice to say, I didn’t find any. I did however, come across these campanula’s in Sainsbury's and I knew immediately that they would look good. What do you think?

Flowers in the widow

Now I just need to see if my watering solution of house bricks in a bowl of water with the plants stood on top (apparently the house bricks will wick the water to the plant) works for the period we’re not there.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment, I love to hear from you.

Wendy xx


scrappyjacky said...

Love the plants,Wendy....they look just perfect there.

Sian said...


I'm also a big fan of TK Maxx. You have put me in the notion for a trip there now..

Alison said...

I love campanula ...and they tend to last for ages!
Alison xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Your flowers are all really pretty :) I'm sure I've heard of 'mind your own business' i'm intrigued now!