Sunday, 10 July 2011

10 things on the 10th

Oh, what to write about this month? My blogging has gone completely to pot lately and that’s all down to my new phone! Daft as it sounds I don’t sit down at my laptop a fraction of the time I did and consequently, when I do, I have important stuff to get done and so the blogging falls by the wayside.

I feel like Homer Simpson, not that I’ve seen that TV show for years, but I recall something about ‘stuff’ falling out the back of his head as he crammed more in the front. Well that’s how I feel sometimes, the more memories I accumulate the more that get squeezed out into some hidden depth that I can’t quite reach. That’s where scrapbooking (or diary/blog keeping for that matter) work wonderfully, enabling us to record those memories that might otherwise be squeezed out. And so with that in mind, I thought I’d share 10 random, but dear, memories.

1) “Never mind Mommy, I still love you” – The words spoken, unprompted, to me from the back of the car by my young (at the time) son, on a day when I was particularly low. I scrapped this memory and I think you should be able to make out the full story in the attached photo.

No Worries

No worries - detail

2) T’hubby rushing out of the hotel in his smart 3 piece suit on our wedding day with a bowl full of soapy water to wash my feet lol . We were married at a lovely hotel in the Lake District. Being a typical British summer there had been lots of that wet stuff. For a few days leading up to the big day (and indeed for a few days after) it did nothing but rain. Then on the afternoon of the day before it dried up and the following day dawned blue with little white fluffy candyfloss and a golden orb decorating the skies. But to get back to the soapy bowl – After the ceremony we all gathered on the lawns for photos. The ground though was so soft that my heels kept sinking and getting stuck so, me being me, I took my shoes off. Fine no problem, until the confetti that is. Has anyone ever tried walking on rice paper with wet feet? Well I can tell you, the wet rice paper makes wonderful glue – So strong that when I then stepped onto the gravelled drive I found I had half of the drive stuck to my soles with each step!! Now that was painful and so we added our own little tradition to the wedding day – feet washing.

Pete 1

New Traditition 1 v1

3) Grumpy strutting her stuff on the dance floor in Devon, loving the attention from everyone. We were on holiday a couple of months before Tattyhead was born so that makes Grumpy all of 1 years old, at most. She walked very early and loved moving her hips and arms to music. I remember the tiny beige flowered skirt she wore, plain tee and a little lacy cardigan – her chubby legs sticking out from under the skirt and white leather sandals on her feet. These were the days before digital cameras (well before I had one at any rate) and so I have no idea if I have a photo of that outfit but in my minds eye I can picture it as if it were yesterday.

4) The look on my sons face when I screeched to a halt beside him as he sat patiently waiting outside my Mums house after school one night when I’d forgotten to pick him up. OMG. In my defence I had two babies under two, non stop nappies and feeding. The normal routine was for him to wait inside Mum’s until I arrived, on this day though Mum and Dad had an appointment and weren’t there so I had to be there at a certain time. I forgot – I was horrified when I suddenly (in one of those blinding flashes) remembered. I gathered up two near naked babies, threw them into the car and made the mad dash, screeching up 5 minutes later. My face must have been a picture, I was mortified. Try as he might to keep his face straight showing annoyance with me he couldn’t, his wonderful grin kept spilling over. I think he was just so relieved to see me.

5) I started work in May 1979, I think my first wages were all of £20 lol but, once I’d paid my board, it was all mine. What I remember most about this new freedom though was the first Christmas after I started earning. I can’t remember everything I bought but I do know I bought my Mum and Dad a black and white portable TV. I have no idea if they actually wanted one or not but I was so excited about buying them a big present that this particular question never even entered my head lol. I took great delight in wrapping this huge box up very neatly and I was beside myself for days waiting for Christmas Day. Sadly I can’t remember the detail of how they reacted, I know they were surprised and I have no negative feelings so I guess they did like it, besides which it was in use for a good many years. My memory is all about the delight of being able to buy them something nice and the anticipation/excitement I felt in the build up.

6) “Will there be an ice-cream van at the top?” My little soldiers and I were making our up slowly up the path to the top of Helvellyn in the Lake District. I’d taken the easiest route and was explaining to them how this particular mountain opens up at the top. They were only 5 & 6 and so I described it as being ‘wide like a street’. Big mistake – to a child’s mind that meant there should be an ice-cream van lol.

Do you think

7) When Tattyhead decided to snowboard. She was only 5 at the time and both girls could ski after a fashion but their big brother of course could snowboard. Grumpy has always been a little more hesitant but Tattyhead knew no fear and decided that she too would snowboard. Bless, she did try but quickly swapped back to skis lol

CNV00058 copy

8) Grumpy’s close call. The girls were about 3 & 4 when we holidayed in Scotland. One day walking through some beautiful Scottish mountain landscapes Grumpy was to my left, Tattyhead to my right and The Boy a few steps behind. We’d made our way down a ravine, across an old small packhorse bridge and were making our way up the other side when it happened. Grumpy, who was a step or two ahead of me at this point, tripped on a culvert in the path. Somehow she somersaulted and disappeared head first over the cliff side. The Boy and I dashed forward whilst Tattyhead clung to my right leg screaming ‘she’s going to die, she’s going to die’ – ever the optimist our Tattyhead. As The Boy and I reached to edge there was Grumpy clinging onto the grass and ferns – together we grabbed an arm each and hauled her back up. Tattyhead, who was still clinging to my right leg, was now sobbing. It all happened so fast, she was right by me, I could have reached out an arm and touched her she was still that close when she tripped. She had walking boots on, not silly shoes or sandals – I couldn’t have done anything different, apart from not be there. All was well and it may seem odd to include it in this list but it’s one of those family stories now and it serves to remind me that ‘a split second’ is all it takes.


9) Tattyhead’s first Christmas present list. She was still only a tot, 15 months old I think (I don’t think it was a year later but maybe it was) and I asked what she would like for Christmas “Winnie the Pooh” was the answer. Anything else? “No, Winnie the Pooh” That was all that I could get out of her, she didn’t want anything else, just Winnie the Pooh. And so that's what she had, the biggest one I could find. Nowadays of course I don’t have to ask and the list is as long as my arm.

10) My Dad and the last look that passed between just the two of us. I can’t explain or describe it here but that memory is mine alone and will be treasured for ever.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment. You should be able to see more ‘10 things’ posts here.

Wendy xx


Alison said...

What a great list of memories Wendy...well, the one about the cliff-edge is probably one you could have lived without, but a lesson learned indeed! You really DO need more than one pair of eyes when out with children!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

After reading the first I thought "this will be the best" but I read on and laughed, sighed, gasped and at the last teared up. Great list, Wendy :)

Jo.C said...

Lovely list - I had a forget moment like that the other week when OH rang me at work and said where was I/ I was supposed to meet D in town and buy a pressie. I cried all the way there with guilt until I got there looked at this little raincloud stomping towards me and burst out laughing. Not sure she has forgiven me yet! :0)

Ginger said...

Hi Wendy! I enjoyed your stories, the cliff one would have been so frightening... Yikes! I like the last one though about you dad :) I hear you about being on the computer... It's a busy time and I'd much rather be outside (that is when I'm not catching up on the Tour :)

Connie said...

enjoyed my visit!!!

Jimjams said...

Lovely selection of heart-warming ang gut-wrenching, but above all, interesting memories. TFS

Mary B said...

What a wonderful list of precious memories. I had tears all the way through (I'm very emotional)

Miriam said...

Oh this is just lovely, I hear what you are saying too.
Do you think blogging is the same as scrapbooking? need we do both?