Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Anyone know why?

The Link Within gadget isn’t displaying the photo along with the post suggestion. I’ve used it before, probably more than a year ago, with no problems but I just can’t seem to get it to work right this time. I emailed the support a few days ago but as I’ve not heard back I thought I’d ask the blogging community – someone is bound to know, right?

In the meantime, and as a thank you for visiting, have a listen to the wonderful Jack Johnson with Better Together – this is what Little Ted should have strut his stuff to.

Wendy xx


Sian said...

It's about a year since I set mine up - and I'm trying to remember, I think there is a box to tick to say that you want the photo as well as the post suggestion?

Jimjams said...

No idea - I've just looked at my Linked Within code and it looks like this (with a "<" sign instead of each "*", and a proper number instead of "123456" and my initials are "js" so I expect that is specific to me):

var linkwithin_site_id = 123456;
*script src="http://www.linkwithin.com/widget.js">*/script>
*a href="http://www.linkwithin.com/">*img src="http://www.linkwithin.com/pixel.png" alt="Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger..." style="border: 0" />*/a>

If in doubt get rid of the gadget and start again!

Gem's Crafts said...

Ooooh I've been wondering for a while how to do this for my blog. I shall watch with interest. Hope you get it working :)